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Our Readers

84% are fitness minded

98% spend time outdoors

Average household income 107k

78% Take food and drinks seriously

67% male

2023 Editorial Calendar

We are currently revising our editorial layout and calendar for 2023.

2023 Advertising. Contact Us for Pricing

Digital Banners Ads

Ohio Outside offers the following digital ad spots.

Regional advertising ads based on larger municipalities and even national runs

High-Impact Double Billboard 970×250 (Contact for details)

300×250 run-of-site in-line mobile/desktop ads

970×90 / 320×50 run-of-site top level mobile/desktop ads

Sponsored Content

Sponsor supplied content. paid and non-paid options are available.


Month-long giveaway featuring your product (see www.ohiooutside.com/gear-giveaways)

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