Blackburn Central 300 Front & Central 50 Rear Light Set


Blackburn Central 300 Front & Central 50 Rear Light Set
Blackburn Central 300 Front & Central 50 Rear light set in action

The Blackburn Central 300 Front & Central 50 Rear Light Set are an ideal light set for commuting around town, a couple of hours on the bike trail or just adding a little extra bit of visibility during daylight hours.. The quick mount, easy charge, micro SUB light set is also pretty easy on the pocket. $99.00 will get you both front and rear lights, mounts and charging cables.

For $100.00 it may be tough to find a better all around light set for commuting, light trail riding or an extra little safety during the day.

Central 300 front light

300 lumens light up the front with various modes including high (300 lumens), medium (150) and low (80) beams along with a strobe light (80), you know, in case you decide to have a little party while out on your ride. Actually the strobe feature does a really nice job of adding additional visibility during daylight rides.

The front Central 300 features an action camera style mount, that fits most helmets and handlebars from 22-35mm in diameter and can be installed and removed in a minute or two. Rubber on the mount helps keep the clamp secure even on single track and rough roads all without marking up your bars. Charging is simple via any standard USB port but the set does come with its own micro USB cable which requires a solid 5 hours according to Blackburn. Our routine is to toss them on the charger when you are done riding and they are ready to go the next time. Pretty simple…until you forget. Well don’t worry, we were able to get several hour and a half rides out of both lights. Runtime ranges from 2 hours to 16 hours depending on the output setting. Both lights also feature a small built in LED light that indicates the battery level. Green = >75%, Orange = 75-25%, Red = <25%.


The Central 50 rear light has you covered with five powerful LEDs that alert vehicles to steer clear or lets your friend know how badly you dropped them.

The central 50 is Blackburn’s most powerful rear light that also features a clear mode for folks wanting to run it up front. This sleek, USB rechargeable light, also has great mounting options for both your bike and on clothing including a rubber mount that fits nicely on your seatpost.

The 2.5″ x 4.0″ light offers 180 degree bezel which allows for excellent side visibility and offers several modes including a clear and a flasher.


Blackburn Central 300
The Central 300 and Central 50 on cleat mode and mounted up front.

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