Features updates to two of its top selling wetsuits: the Reaction and Sprint

blueseventy has released a select offering of new products for 2017 including updates to two of its top selling wetsuits. The Reaction has undergone considerable pattern refinements and major material improvements while the entry-level Sprint has been updated with a colored hydrophobic jersey for improved visibility and flexibility. These two updates represent a paradigm shift for the top swim company. For the first time in its history blueseventy has focused on updating certain models as opposed to the entire wetsuit line.

“Normally when we update our product range we change everything all at once,” said Mike Orton, the company’s Brand Manager and also head of Product. “The truth is the mid and lower end offerings can end up being ignored. We decided to break up this routine and allow our R&D team to give each model the time and focus it deserves. We’ve taken this principle to each product category and we’re much more confident in delivering the best possible gear at every level.”

For 2017 The Reaction has undergone considerable pattern refinements and major material improvements

For 2017 The Reaction has undergone considerable pattern refinements and major material improvements

A reputation for being a highly flexible suit with great lift in the water, the new Reaction now features a 100% nylon ultra stretch jersey focused at the arms and shoulders which provides a 35% improvement in elongation compared to the previous jersey.

“We worked with our suppliers and manufacturing partners to improve the overall comfort and performance of the suit. It’s clearly the top performing suit in its price range and a product I’m particularly proud of.” blueseventy’s CEO, John Duquette said about the new Reaction.

A combination of thin neoprene and exposed super stretch jersey in the arms, shoulders and back equip the new Sprint wetsuit with excellent movement and reduced restriction. Thicker Yamamoto rubber at the chest and legs give swimmers the initial confidence and buoyancy they need. The updated Sprint delivers true open water swimming comfort without sacrifices to quality.

Each suit keeps with blueseventy’s tradition to accentuate good body position by incorporating features that have made them the world’s triathlon wetsuit leader for over twenty years. Each model is first reviewed on fit and secondly, how the buoyancy can put the body in a more streamlined position, reducing drag and allowing for a more efficient swim stroke.

Also new for 2017 is the Sprint Short, an affordable version of the popular Core Short.  This neoprene jammer helps lift the hips and rear in pool training and is built with the same rubber as the new Sprint wetsuit. A recent addition to the company’s popular swimskin line is the PZ2-TX, a streamlined version of their flagship model and built off over a decade of design and testing in the non-wetsuit arena. Looking forward to mid-year, the company will be adding new tri apparel, swimwear and goggles.

Orton added: “We can now focus our marketing and messaging in a more concise manner by talking about the products we have spent significant time and investment in to be the best in each category.”

The new 2017 gear is available at select blueseventy retailers and blueseventy.com