KForce We Wireless Groupset

FSA New Wireless Electric Groupset

Full Speed Ahead (FSA) has been working on a full component group for years, and it’s finally unveiled, even though it won’t be available for customers until Spring 2017. The new group is the electronic and “hybrid wireless” K-Force WE component group. The first iteration, no surprise, is road-oriented, with double chainrings, caliper rim brakes and…

SWRVE CORDURA® slim jeans

SWRVE Cordura Slim Jeans

Wear them to the office, out to play, on your next outdoor adventure or even a night on the town. Jeans are the common staple in a man’s wardrobe and can be paired with just about anything. Good jeans can support any look from the hipster to the lumbersexual.

Quarq Prime Power Ready Cranksets

SRAM Announces Quarq Prime

New Quarq Prime Power Ready Cranksets to ship on 2017 bicycles. Quarq, makers bicycle power meters has announced its’ next generation DZero power meter platform (of course they are making us wait till August 31st for full details), the company decided to tackle another challenge — how to make it easier for consumers to reach the next level…

Dueter Backpack for Back to School

Back to School Gear

Gear up your kids with these awesome products for going back to school. Best part is you’ll find them in your favorite outdoor gear store. From backpacks to snacks, here are a few items to keep your kids in style, healthy and full. Are we there yet … I am hungry … How much longer ……

Smith Olympic Cycling Helmets

Rio Inspired Cycling Road Kit

A taste of the Rio Olympics on your favorite road kit You don’t have to experience customs and travel nightmares this summer to get a dose of Brazilian culture. You do have to shell out a few bucks though. Art meets performance. As part of an Olympics celebration, Smith has collaborated with Brazilian street artists Bicicleta Sem…

Road Trip Essentials For Your Dog

[tps_header]Traveling with your 4-legged friend this summer? Be sure to check out these road trip essentials that will make travel more enjoyable for both of you.[/tps_header] Zuke’s Z-Bones No more bad breath coming from the back seat of the car. Fight doggie breath the natural way and give him something to wag about with natural edible…