Chaco Outcross Evo 4

Go play in the woods, the mountains, the river or where ever your heart desires with the Chaco Outcross Evo 4. This lightweight trail shoe is perfect for day hikes, light packing or even cruising around town. It even is capable of taking on water adventures, just leave the socks at home.

A shoe that features ventilated construction, leaving out the liner, for breathability and drainage. The Evo 4 a very versatile shoe and would be a good addition to the closet. Part of their EVO line of shoes, the EVO 4 is a 3 season shoe and unlike the EVO 1 or 2 this shoe will fair better out on the trail and can be worn with with or without socks.

45 degrees outside and the EVO was perfect when paired with a pair of Merino wool socks out on the trail or sitting around a campfire.

Taking the Wet Route?

The upper on this shoe is mesh, has jacquard webbing, and has a synthetic leather upper with a traditional lace system. It is designed to drain water, but also bear in mind that this design will also let water in. So don’t go looking for lakes to tread in, but be assured that if you do take on water, this shoe is designed to give it an escape route.  If you should opt for the wet road, the EVO 4’s sockless liner will dry fast and can always be worn without socks as well.

Built for Land

The EVO 4 features a gusseted tongue to keep debris out and the rest of the the shoe is a full mesh so you won’t be getting pebbles or sand in your shoe. The lacing system integrates with a TPU heel lock for a secure fit. A protective toe bumper and synthetic toe cap and heel help protect against rocks, roots and anything else you might encounter.  All of our time was spent with these on the trail and they make a great day hiker.

The outsole on the Chaco Outcross Evo 4 is a Non-marking EcoTread™ made of 25%-recycled rubber compound with 3.5mm lug depth and is capable of getting you across most terrains. The non-marking sole if great for those of you who decide to take the wet road and then wear the EVO 4 on the boat.



The shoe is like “MacGyver”, it can do anything. Casual Friday’s at the office, hit the trails, the lake or sit around a campfire. My apologies go out to you youngins who never had the pleasure 0f seeing an episode of MacGyver.

Anyone wanna move to LuvSeat? 

Yeah that line never works for me, but luckily it does for the folks at Chacos. The EVO 4 feature their  LUVSEAT™ footbed which is certified by the American Podiatric Medical Association. With the assistance of a certified pedorthist, Chaco’s designed the contours of the footbed to control pronation and maximize performance. The LUVSEAT™ footbed ensures a supported, comfortable stride in any activity.

The EVO 4 retails for $120.00. More information can be found at

Chaco Outcross Evo 4
The Chaco Outcross Evo 4 provides a “do it all” show that is at home on the rocks or in the water.

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