Chasing Leadville! Qualifying for the Leadville 100 MTB Race

The Leadville 100 Lottery opened up today (Dec 1) for runners and mountain bikes, but there will be no dropping the $475+ entry fee for this event. Instead the only be qualifying for the Leadville 100 MTB Race or go home.

The Leadville 100 mountain bike race is without a doubt a bucket list or cornerstone even for the year. I will be blogging about it regularly because I like to analyze things and because it keeps my motivation to train high, it also provides some great content for the website.

The 2020 Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race will take part on Saturday August 15th with the closest qualifier to Ohio in upper New York on Saturday June 6th. Details on qualifying and all that jazz is listed below.

We’ll be sharing training updates (or you can follow on Strava), race plans, bike setup (since I am a tech geek) and anything else fun to go along.

My trusty Scott Spark RC out doing some hill repeats.

Leadville 100 Wilmington Whiteface MTB Qualifier

The Wilmington Whiteface MTB provides 25-100 qualifying slots to the Stages Cycling Leadville Trail 100 MTB, based on the total number of registered riders at each qualifier event. Half of the qualifying spots will be allocated based on the top age-group performances and half will be drawn among riders who have finished the qualifier race within the allocated cutoff time.

  1. Qualification events will be allocated 25-100 slots, based on the number of registered riders.
    1. 50% of slots will be distributed based on performance at the Wilmington Whiteface MTB.
    2. Slots will be distributed to each gender and age group (20-29, 30-39, etc.) based on the percentage of total athletes in those age groups, with a minimum of one slot for every age group. The top athletes in each age group will receive the allocated slots.
    3. In the event a top athlete elects not to accept a slot, the slot will roll down to the next athlete in the results, within the age group.
    4. In the event slots are not claimed after the roll down in each age group, those slots will be allocated to the event lottery, as described below.
    5. One slot will be allocated for the top single speed rider.
    6. Slots will be allocated to the top tandem team.

  2. 50% of slots will be distributed through the event lottery.
    1. All finishers under the pre-determined maximum finish time, who have indicated their desire to participate in the lottery, will be entered in the lottery.
    2. Names will be drawn from the eligible lottery athletes and slots will be given out.
    3. In the event an athlete opts not to accept a slot, the slots will roll down to the next athlete that is drawn, until ALL slots have been distributed.

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