Combat wet winter feet with the DryGuy Travel Dry DX portable shoe dryer. The Travel Dry is the ideal portable shoe and boot dryer for your all-season adventures. Th Travel Dry fits into most footwear types, the compact design can be powered through your vehicle outlet or wall plug, making it a must-have travel accessory for every outdoor trip or winter vacation.

DryGuy Travel Dry DX Portable Shoe Dryer

The Travel Dry DX works in a few simple steps. First, the dryer draws fresh air inside your shoe. Once inside, the heating elements warm the fresh air, helping it to circulate throughout the inside of your shoe. This warm air sucks up trapped moisture and escapes through the top of the shoe, taking the moisture with it. So wherever you go, go with the Travel Dry DX. Your feet will thank you.

The DryGuy Travel DX retails for $40.00 and is available at or

Looking for a family solution at home? DryGuy also offers a multiple shoe system. The Dry Rack will accommodate four boots, shoes, or gloves in any combination making it an ideal overnight solution to cold wet gear.

The DryGuy Travel Dry will plug into the car or the the house, making it easy to dry out those wet winter shoes.
DryGuy Travel Dry DX Portable Shoe Dryer
A little heat and a little moving air both contribute to the ability to dry out your wet shoes whether is is from slush, stream crossings or sweat.

While the shoes are drying, slip on the Hoka One One Recovery Slide for some serious comfort and recovery.