Hampton Hills MTB Trails are in Progress

Ohio.com and the Summit Metro Parks reported today that things are in an upward cycle at the Metroparks and in the Cuyahoga Valley. As park planners move forward, they are responding to feedback and building up what the area has to offer to both visitors and  residents. Progress on certain areas are beginning to show, includind the new mountain bike trails at Hardy Road.

From the Akron Beacon Journal:

One good place to see the potential is an area of Hampton Hills Metro Park being developed for mountain biking, which has lacked a designated area in the Cuyahoga Valley, either within Summit Metro Parks or the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

The development of mountain biking trails (the national park will start building its first off-road trail for mountain bikes this summer) grows out of a strong demand from area enthusiasts for special facilities dedicated to their style of aggressive riding. The specifics of the Summit County Metro Parks’ response began some 15 years ago, when the district’s recently retired director-secretary, Keith Shy, attended a conference in which mountain biking trails were discussed.

Ohio Outside is extremely excited about this and personally can’t wait to hit the trails. A few of our staff members have also done volunteer days in the park system as well.

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