Happy New Year and #FESTIVE500 Done!

Well the New Year is here and time for resolutions and all that fun stuff. Before we hop into 2020 I want to brag out wrapping up the #FESTIVE500 on Strava. The goal was 500 kilometers in 8 days but taking off Christmas I was forced into riding it in 7 days. That comes out to an average of 72k a day and I also tossed in a little 5 mile running race.

DAY 1: 5 Mile Running Race and Recovery Ride

Cranked out a nice run this morning before the #festive500 started but that meant the ride was a little slow.

Day 2: 50 Miles on the Cross Bike

Day 3: Big Day on the Bike (Accidentally Stopped the Computer)

Day 4: Flying Solo and Tired

Was tired today but sucked it up and went out on the road bike for 45 miles. Was a great day for it.

Day 5: Overdressed But Easy to Take Off

Day 6: Rushed for Time !!

Put in as many miles as I could, as I had a 3:00 appointment to make it to.

Day 7: Frozen to the Core and Had to Do Two Rides

Went out early on the bike and ended up soaked within an hour and then the temps dropped and snow rolled in, it was pretty epic. I ended up going home, getting dry clothes and heading back out.

And One to Grow One !! Easy Recovery Ride & Happy New Year !!

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