HFP Racing has turned triathlons into a family affair with short courses and triathlons for kids.

COLUMBUS, OH: HFP Racing focuses on creating family-friendly events and founder Shannon Kurek’s family inspires the way HFP operates. Not only do his kids participate in the sport, but they also help with managing the event and even handling their own concession business at the races.

Shannon Kurek -HFP RacingThroughout the summer, the FIT Family Series visits seven beautiful venues and each venue features a Kidz Triathlon & Duathlon on Saturday followed by a mini, sprint, and Olympic distance triathlon and duathlon for adults on Sunday.

Why focus on families, why not stick to the standard triathlon gameplan? According to Kurek, “I came into this hardcore, I was a single athlete and my focus was on creating races that were hard. As I started having kids, your mentality changes…and when my kids started getting old enough to want to participate, that’s when we created The Fit Family Series.”

As an avid triathlete, Shannon’s preference for short course races bled into his business and HFP Racing flipped the script on standard triathlon distances and focused on short races and more intense sprint distances. Not only has his preference as an athlete shaped the way that the business looked at races, but Shannon’s personal life made him realize the gap in the sport for families.

Founded in 1988, HFP Racing has been serving the multisport community for nearly 30 years. An idea that started in high school, Shannon started Health and Fitness Promotions during his time at Ohio State University to help fill the need for more races in the Mideast region and over the last 3 decades, HFP Racing has played a significant role in the building of multisport within the Mideast region.

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Shannon discusses the background for the Fit Family Series, as well as more exciting information about the company in a podcast interview for the Triathlon BizCast.

About HFP Racing

Founded in 1988, HFP Racing has been serving the multisport community for nearly 30 years. Over the last 3 decades HFP Racing has been blessed to have played a significant role in the building of multisport within the Mideast region. HFP Racing is committed to producing our events that support our core values and mission statement, “To provide a world class race experience with a family friendly feel for the benefit of our valued customers.” HFP Racing is a family owned business with the heart of the business being a commitment to our customers…our extended family.