Introducing The Speedvagen OG1 Stock!

[tps_header]Yesterday was a BIG DAY for the folks at Speedvagen. The group has been working on this program for over a year in preparation for today. The Speedvagen OG-1 Stock is their newest release in steel frames. The first in the Ready-Made program, the bikes come in for thousands less than their custom SV bikes, and they are ready to ship NOW!

The Vanilla Workshop is proud to introduce the OG1 road machine, the first model in the Speedvagen Ready-Made program. With the Speedvagen Ready-Made program, you get our very best workhorse race machine – designed, built, painted and assembled in The Vanilla Workshop. Bringing a new definition of handbuilt bicycle to the market.

Speedvagen was born from a desire to keep handbuilt bikes accessible to friends and fellow racers. And with all Speedvagen up to this point being custom with a longer wait, this marks a return to the company’s roots with a bike that represents the core of the Speedvagen ethos of attainability. The OG1 (Original Gangster) is a beautiful, minimalist, bombproof race machine. Each OG1 is built by hand at the Vanilla Workshop in Portland, OR.

OG1 frames are produced in small batches, keeping the cost down, while offering riders a truly hand built experience without waiting months or even years for a bike. Their goal is to have a bikes delivered within 2 weeks of ordering.

More information:

MSRP: $5,385



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