Killington Resort and Mountain Bike Park

Convenience, amazing downhill runs and family fun all sum up the Killington Resort Mountain Bike Park and the resort’s summer setup. All this is a short walk from the Grande Hotel. Whether you are looking to rock the same mountain bike trails that recently hosted the 2018 Fox US Open of Mountain Biking or have water balloon fights in the adventure park, Killington has you covered. They even offer a summer concert series; it’s like one giant party.

But, if you are riding the trails, be prepared and be ready to ride. With more runs than we could keep track of, you’ll be busy all day exploring new trails and trying to master the trails you’ve already ridden.

During peak hours and good weather conditions, Killington runs three lifts throughout the summer, each offering a slightly different experience for riders. The Snowshed lift is your access point to a large number of beginner trails and is where most riders will start their day. Jump Start trail seemed to offer some of the best thrills, with large jumps and sweeping berms. Beginners need not worry, there are plenty of trails off the Snowshed lift and they cater to riders of all abilities. This section is also a great warm up before heading over to the K1 Gondola to play with the big boys.

Across the street from the Snowshed lift is the Ramshead lift, which offers larger and faster jump trails, as well as the Pro GRT downhill course. This trail is a maze of roots, rocks and jumps, providing a challenge to even the most skilled downhill racers. Strategically placed throughout the course are large wooden jumps to get your heart racing. Also, off this lift is Black Magic and Blue Magic. Black Magic offers plenty of large jumps, and rumor has it you can generate some serious speed, while Blue Magic is a great option for those building courage and looking to work up to Black Magic.

Finally, the last lift for bikes on the hill is the K1 Gondola, which travels to the top of Killington Peak. From here you’ll find all the big boy runs and trails that are great for intermediate to expert level riders. Cable Trail gives riders some fun jump features as they work their way down the mountain. Also, part way down, you’ll be able to pick up Side Show Bob, one of our favorite trails. The Beast, the resort’s most famous trail can also be picked up part way down and navigates through large rock slabs, hits some wide open slopes before ducking into steep and rooty loam. The Beast is the real deal, and offers a lot of downhill history, having hosted a number of NORBA races in the 90’s and early 2000’s.

Killington Raises the Bar

For the 2018-19 year, Killington invested $16 million in improvements to their trails and facilities, including unveiling their new Krusty Trail on Ramshead. In addition to this, Killington also added The Wrecktangle, a ninja-style obstacle course, to the resort’s already kid-friendly adventure park. The Wrecktangle is designed to encourage kids and adults to test their skill, strength, creativity and determination. The WreckTangle serves up 10 different and fun-filled obstacles to conquer; complete with cargo nets, balance beams, rope swings and more! Fun for adults and kids.

Killington Mountain Bike Park
What goes up must come down!! The ride to the top was pretty low key but the views are spectacular. It also gives you plenty of time to talk smack and make some friendly wagers on who buys the next round. Photo Credit Killington Resort
Killington Mountain Bike Park
Views from the top are rather spectacular. This is the last time for a while that we were able to stop and snap a good pic.
Okay, we lied, more scenic pictures and the spectacular views.
Killington Mountain Bike Park
Trail difficulties vary and there is a trail for almost everyone. From expert level trails like Lowrider and The Beast to more intermediate trails like Side Show Bob (one of our favorites), you’ll find your sweet spot. For more entry-level trails, be sure to start off on the Snowshed lift near the Adventure Park.
Rocks, rocks and more rocks. Some of the expert and more advanced trails will leave you wanting a downhill bike and a full face helmet, which you can rent at the adventure center.
This picture does not do justice, this is looking back on the trail and what appears to be a small rock is actually a rather good-sized dropoff that sneaks up on you rather fast and scares the crap out of you!
Side Show Bob is definitely a crowd favorite for riders of all abilities. Experts can bomb down it like there is no tomorrow and beginners and intermediates can enjoy the smooth runs and the flowy sections while testing their skills on the technical sections at a little slower speed. Photo Credit Killington Resort
The lower trails, accessible via the Snowshed lift (or riding up the road) provides some beautiful flow, high banks, lots of jumps and it won’t disappoint. You can ride this for hours and not get bored. Perfect for riders of all abilities. Photo Credit Killington Resort
Killington Mountain Bike Park Bike Bath
Done riding for the day, swing by and give your baby a bath. Rack, hoses and everything you need to get your bike ready for the next was on hand. BYOCL (Bring Your Own Chain Lube).
For those the prefer two feet on the ground versus two wheels, Killington offers miles of hiking and running trails, but please stay off the bike trails.

Local Killington Mountain Bike Trails

Believe it or not, after three days of riding breathtaking downhill you might want to mix it up a bit, and that sunshine thing at 5:30 in the morning popping through the skylight is kind of hard to sleep through! Our suggestion? Go find some local trails. Within 20 minutes of the main lodge are several trail systems, some are in the National Forest and others that are “pay to play.” Great to sneak out for an hour in the morning, come back and enjoy some breakfast then go hit the adventure park and the lifts.

Mild wet weather does not seem to bother the trails in Vermont. The rocky soil drains incredibly well and holds up during summer months.
The trails are littered with giant rocks, perfect for testing a beginner riders skill or expert level riders showcasing their skills.
Sherburne Trails - Killington Vermont
The Sherburne Trails were a local favorite, wake up early for a 15-minute drive, ride for an hour or so, and then go grab a cup of coffee. You’ll be back at the lodge or condo by 8:30 a.m. for breakfast and have time to spare before the lifts open.

Killington’s Adventure Center

From big thrills to easy fun, the Snowshed Adventure Center has something for everyone. The Adventure Center is open to all and tickets are only required for riders. Some attractions are open to everyone, including a kids playground for our youngest adventurers and a bocce ball court for adults. The Snowshed Food Court is open daily for delicious, fresh and local lunch options while the Snowshed Umbrella Bar serves up cold beer and specialty cocktails pond-side at the base of Snowshed.

An Adventure Center Day Pass includes unlimited use of the Woodward WreckTangle, Beast Mountain Coaster, Zip Line Racer, Jump Tower, Skye Ropes Course, Soaring Eagle, Trampoline Jump, Alpine Tubing and Amaze’n Maze.

Killington Wrecktangle
The Wrecktangle, an outdoor ninja-style obstacle challenge is designed to encourage kids and adults to overcome challenges by using skill, strength, creativity, imagination and determination. Photo Credit Killington Resort
Ziplining is always a hit, unfortunately, it is for bigger kids and adults. Youngsters might not meet the height and weight requirements.
Climb four stories above the ground on the Killington Ropes Course.

Killington Ski Resort Condos and Lodge

Killington offers up a couple of different options for lodging. Killington Grand Resort Hotel is the only full-service mountainside hotel and features convenient ski-bridge access to the slopes from December-March (snow conditions permitting). When the snow is gone, guests can use it to walk to the Bike Park and Snowshed Adventure Center and a full-featured food court. Enjoy the heated outdoor pool open year-round, lounge by the firepit and take in the natural beauty of the Green Mountains.

Down the road a mile or so are Killington Managed Condos. Enjoy two- and three-bedroom units with fireplaces, full kitchens and large spaces for family and friends to gather. Other amenities include a private pool and workout room, ski storage, saunas, multiple bathrooms and vaulted ceilings on the third floor.

Killington Ski Resort Condo
Our condo was perfect once we settled in. Our two-bedroom (master in a loft) is ideal for small families, one bedroom and a full bath downstairs and a master loft with a full bath and a sauna. The condos do not have AC, so if you are staying in the summertime, you might want to bring a fan.
Killington Ski Resort Workout Center
If staying in the main lodge, the workout room is top notch. Running the trails around town is pretty spectacular but you might want an easy day or need to escape the weather.
Killington Ski Resort Workout Center
Another shot of the workout room, we were pretty impressed with it.



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