The Kombucha Shop Kombucha Brewing Kit

If you drink kombucha the way we do around the office, then a kombucha brewing kit from The Kombucha Shop is ideal. You’ll be brewing your own kombucha like a pro in no time. Once you own the kit you can brew close to 96 ounces of kombucha for around a dollar. In the stores you are paying $2.50 a bottle on sale, plus all those bottles that need recycling.

The Kombucha Brewing Kits include all the essentials needed to start brewing, the kombucha culture and the equipment you need to keep going. 

Your kombucha will be brewed in a 1 gallon brewing jar that is made of thick American glass and built to last. Kits also include essentials like tea, brewing bags, thermometer, PH balance strips and more.

Screen-printed on the side of the jar is a nice brew notes feature, allowing you to keep track of the details of each brew. Like the brew? Take a photo of the notes for next time. The non-toxic wet erase marker is custom made exclusively for this kombucha brewing kit; it features a fine point tip and is completely smudge-proof when dry. Ready to log your next brew? Simply wipe with a wet paper towel and your writing surface is crystal clear.

Ready to up the brewing game? Take your second fermentation to the next level! The Kombucha shop also offers whole organic blueberries and other fruits and syrups.

The Kombucha Shop offers two different kombucha brewing kits, a standard and deluxe kits. They retail for $45.00 and $75.00 respectively. View both kits at

The Kumbucha Shop Kumbucha Brewing Kit
The standard Kombucha Brewing Kits include all the essentials needed to start brewing and the kombucha culture and equipment you need to keep going.  We bottled ours in 32 ounce beer growlers.
The Kumbucha Shop Kumbucha Brewing Kit
With the Deluxe Brewing Kit you get everything you need to start brewing like a pro.  This kit includes the standard 1 Gallon Kombucha Brewing Kit shown above + six swing top bottles + bendable bottle brush + stainless steel funnel and strainer set. 

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