Men’s Fall Jean Lineup

Outdoor Research GoldRush

Outdoor Research Gold Rush Jeans
Outdoor Research Gold Rush Jeans provide plenty of room for the most awkward moves.

Yep, Outdoor Research makes Jeans. Actually, they make a ton of apparel and do a pretty solid job. These durable jeans of a cotton/nylon/Cordura® blend that provides them with enough stretch to accommodate some impressive moves on the climbing wall. Pair these with a fit that that offers ample leg room yet still providing a modern styling will make them a go to pant when you need room to move. The Goldrush Jeans offer a little heavier feel then some of the organic cotton pairs but are still pretty comfortable.

Material: Cordura 80.5% cotton, 13.5% nylon, 5% polyester, 1% Lycra

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