Men’s Fall Jean Lineup

SWRVE Cordura Slim Jeans


SWRVE wanted an everyday jean in a trim fit with a clean design for everyday wear, a fit that falls right between their regular and skinny fit. SWRVE then took the knee articulation out for a cleaner look. (But don’t worry! Thanks to the stretch in the fabric, you can still do cartwheels in them!). SWRVE is a very bike happy company so the first thing they did was hop on their bikes and take them for a spin. Flexibility was great, not restricting or uncomfortable. Now I would not want to bike 40 miles in them, but a nice little 10-mile jaunt to the office, grocery store or pub would be great. SWRVE also places reflective trim on the inside of the pant leg, simply roll up the leg to avoid chain greese and you have an instant reflector.

Material: 100% CORDURA® denim

Retail: $100.00 |


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