Moose Meadow Lodge & Treehouse

The Adirondack-style Moose Meadow Lodge & Treehouse, nestled on 86 secluded acres outside of Waterbury, Vermont, is an experience that will take you back to your youth and leave you with an experience you’ll never forget.

Owners Willie and Greg simply go out of their way to make you feel welcome. From the time you walk through the doors and get a tour of the lodge to the time you leave the driveway, you’ll feel at home. With four luxury guest rooms and a magical treehouse, the property provides a relaxed, laid back setting, hospitality beyond belief, hiking trails leading to stunning mountain views, a trout pond, full kitchen access, breakfast and most importantly one of the most impressive treehouses you will EVER sleep in.

When you hear the word treehouse some people might think camping, but don’t think back to scouts when you were in a sleeping bag on the hard ground. We are talking glamping here; 100 percent pure luxury and you barely have to lift finger. This luxury Vermont treehouse features almost all the luxuries you’ll find at home, and still delivers the rustic outdoor experience of a lifetime.

The first floor is small and cozy — with a table, a couple of chairs along with a bench, just enough to play some games, do some writing or enjoy an intimate meal. All the necessities are there coffee maker, mugs, wine glasses, a few books, games and a flashlight and bug spray for when you venture outside for a night hike. On chilly nights, an electric wood-stove will keep you warm. Outside, a wrap-around balcony provides a great view and leads to the washroom, shower and bathroom.  After making your way up the beautiful spiral staircase, upstairs is the only bedroom, where you’ll find a rather comfortable queen-size bed, along with another smaller balcony overlooking the pond. While it seems small, you really aren’t spending a ton of time up here. There’s also enough room for a cot on each side of the bed, just in case you are traveling with youngsters. Outside of the second floor is also a small balcony that over looks the trout pond.

Outside is where the fun is. Outdoor showers, sink and bathroom, The outdoor shower features 180 degree views of the woods and the trout pond, all with hot water and a privacy curtain for shy folks.  When designing the treehouse, Willie and Greg were mindful that the tree needed water, so why not have the water from the shower and sink fall down through the 1st floor and water the tree.  Brilliant!  Along side the shower, is the rest of the “powder room” with a sink carved of stone, also featuring hot water. This is the only place to access water, inside the treehouse there is no water. Sorry folks but you have to go outside and “rough it”. Speaking of roughing it, when nature calls, head on over to the, rather fun, incinerating toilet that burns anything inside it at 1,400 degrees. This novelty is located just off the shower.

Moose Meadow Lodge & Treehouse | Vermont Treehouse
The Treehouse at Moose Meadow is an experience you must try once in your life. Add this luxury Vermont treehouse to the bucket list, and depending on the list, it might be one of the easier items to check off. Nights run from $475 and up and openings are still available for 2019. This year is pretty much booked up.
Moose Meadow Lodge & Treehouse | Vermont Treehouse
As night falls on the treehouse, the view from across the pond looking back at the treehouse is as great as looking from the treehouse. The reflection in the trout pond adds an extra little touch.
Moose Meadow Lodge & Treehouse | Vermont Treehouse
The evenings are quiet, relaxing and nothing but you, the moon and the stars. A bonus is no WiFi and the cell signal is spotty (that is a plus).
Moose Meadow Lodge & Treehouse
Inside the treehouse, are two stories filled with rustic decor fitting the setting. All the fish and mounts are from the property. A small electric fireplace heats the treehouse on cool evenings and a coffee pot awaits you in the morning. The treehouse is also stocked with board games and no TV. It’s a great place to spend quality family time or a romantic little getaway
The stairs leading to the second floor, we suggest keeping a flashlight upstairs, the first step could be a doozy. The snowshoes on the wall are not for use, but during the winter the lodge does offer them for guests wanting to venture out. They also offer sleds because Vermont has some great hills
Moose Meadow Lodge & Treehouse
The second floor features a queen size bed that is super comfortable, a couple of nightstands and room for a cot if needed. Off to the left is a balcony that overlooks the front of the treehouse with views of the pond.
Moose Meadow Lodge Treehouse
While this treehouse does offer the all the necessary amenities, you must go outside to brush your teeth, wash up, shower and use the bathroom. This sink is carved from a stone removed from the property and features hot and cold water.


Outdoor Shower at Mouse Meadow Lodge
If your spouse complains about the length of your showers at home, wait until you get here. Luckily the treehouse offers a rather large hot water tank. We tried to empty it on several occasions and were unsuccessful. The shelf also comes in rather handy for a glass of wine.
Moose Meadow Lodge & Treehouse
Chances are the view from the shower is nothing you have experienced before.  After showering, the Adirondack chairs make for a good place to enjoy a cup of coffee while waiting for breakfast.
Moose Meadow Lodge & Treehouse
Relaxing by the pond is not a bad thing. Once the bugs begin to come out, that’s a good time to head inside for a glass of wine and some good board games.
The lodge offers 3 to 4 miles of trails, several of which take you to this lookout, which provides the stunning view below. It is quite the steep climb but well worth it. Round trip from the lodge or treehouse to the lookout is 45 minutes to an hour.
Moose Meadow Lodge & Treehouse
Your reward, sit back and enjoy. As an extra bonus, the hike down will be a tad bit easier.
Moose Meadow Lodge & Treehouse
While we have talked about the treehouse, the lodge is quite special as well, with a kitchen you wish you had at your house!  Guests enjoy a full breakfast each morning featuring local Vermont ingredients. Guests also have full access to the kitchen to store smaller items, make coffee, grab a cup of tea, etc.
Moose Meadow Lodge & Treehouse
In the summer breakfast is served on the front porch, and this just happens to be the view. Great food and an amazing view.
Prohibition Pig | Waterbury Vermont
Lots of local places in the area for dinner, we chose the Prohibition Pig, which serves up barbecue and grabbed carryout. It is a tough call; do carryout and enjoy dinner in the treehouse or hang out at some of the local restaurants and try some of the local beers.
Perry Hill Mountain Bike Trails in Waterbury Vermont
Perry Hill is just down the road and provides some solid mountain biking, including some good technical sections, flow and grueling climbs. Other trails in the area offer hiking, running and more.
Perry Hill Mountain Bike Trails
Tough up, fast down, the entrance included some flow track that also served as a climb to the main trails. Keep a heads up. Aside from this main in/out trail, everything else was one-way traffic.

Bring the Entire Family to the Moose Meadow Lodge

The Moose Meadow Lodge and Treehouse can accommodate up to 12 people, which also makes a nice setting for a family reunion, wedding or vacation rental with friends. Rent the entire lodge for your event at a considerable discount. Bring your own food. Make your own meals and enjoy all the amenities at Moose Meadow. Packages include room for a maximum of 10 people in the main lodge, bed linens, towels, use of the kitchen and outdoor grill. A two-night minimum required.


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