Ralpha Rides Head to Regional Hotspots

British Cycling Clothing company hosts a weekend of cycling culture, rides and events

Premium Clothing Manufacturer Rapha is planning a traveling series of weekend rides and events in 20 cities this year, starting in May in Boulder, Colorado.

Each weekend will include rides, films, talks and parties, with events centering around Rapha Clubhouse locations. Films will also be created for each Rapha Ride city.

The ride routes will be “curated by handpicked local riders” to showcase the best and most celebrated routes and stops in each area, the clothing company said.

Routes will be printed and collated online as part of a Rapha Rides Roadbook, a digital city riding guide with downloadable routes.

Here’s the schedule of U.S. rides:

  • Boulder, Colorado, May 19-21
  • San Francisco, June 9-11
  • New York, June 23-25
  • Los Angeles, July 28-30
  • Seattle, Aug. 25-27
  • Chicago, Sept. 15-17

Talks and screenings are also being planned for Osaka, Japan; Paris; Sydney; Milan; Amsterdam; Seoul; Dusseldorf, Germany; Tokyo; Manchester, England; Copenhagen, Denmark; Taipei, Taiwan; Berlin; and Melbourne, Australia.


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