Ruffwear Urban Sprawl Dog Bed

[tps_header]The Ruffwear Urban Sprawl is a luxurious dog bed and perfect for a little afternoon cat nap, nightly dreams about chasing squirrels or winding down after a big day of adventure. It really doesn’t get much nicer than the Urban Sprawl Bed which features a whopping 4 inches of cushion for comfort and insulation. The inside offers a two-sided, recycled polyester mattress that gives you the option to choose a firm or soft sleeping surface.

The Ruffwear Urban Sprawl really is the “Cat’s Meow”! For a span of 5 or 6 years during my 20’s I slept on a lot worse.

Ruffwear Urban Sprawl Dog Bed
The Urban Sprawl is like a Sleep Number bed for your dog. Soft on one side, firm on the other.

The two-sided mattress provides the option of a soft or firm sleeping surface that will insure your four legged friend gets a good night sleep. The removable cover is easy to clean, allowing the cover and mattress to be washed separately. The durable microsuede sleeping surface is soft, stands up to years of nesting, and cleans with a shake or a quick hit of the vacuum. The waterproof, non-skid bottom creates a moisture barrier and keeps the bed stable on slick surfaces and miscellaneous debris from sticking to the bottom.

The Ruffwear Urban Sprawl Dog Bed is one of Emma’s favorites

Don’t get to excited as the Urban Sprawl does come with a bit of price tag. The medium size (28″ x 35″ x 4″ thick) bed cost $149 while the large (36″ x 48″ x4″) size will set you back $199.The price tag may seem a little steep, but in reality, not a bad price for your trusted friend that runs, explores, hikes and is always loyal.

The soft microsuede sleeping surface on the Urban Sprawl is designed to be a long-wearing and easy-to-clean sleeping surface. Emma sleeps on it every night (except those nights she tries to sneak into the bed) and it is amazingly clean. I assume my wife has something to do with that, but either way it always looks good and I am not going to complain.

The Urban Sprawl is equally at home in the living room or outdoors. One place it doesn’t fit is in the car for traveling. I guess if you had a camper or giant SUV you could travel with it, but for most of us will want to look at something like the Mt. Bachelor Pad when traveling.


Ruffwear Urban Sprawl Dog Bed
Emma debating if she should stay in bed or go see what’s cooking in the kitchen.

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