Catering towards swim-run events, which are increasingly growing in the U.S., Salming has released their much-anticipated encore, the Salming OT Comp.  Short for Off Trail Competition, Salming teamed up with technical soles authority Michelin, in order to create a lightweight agile self-cleaning shoe with incredible traction that caters to the needs of orienteering, OCR and swim-run athletes.

Salming OT Comp shoe designed for swim-run events

A mix of Michelin’s critically acclaimed mountain bike and motorbike tires; Wild Mud and Starcross 5 inspires the lug design of the outsole. The lugs are constructed for maximum penetration in mud when searching for harder ground and grip. The small difference in height, built into the lug itself, allows for excellent penetration. At the arch, there’s a tread design for stability, control and traction on obstacles. The base structure that connects the outsole to the midsole, adopt the Michelin Fiber Lite Technology construction that enables extreme lightness through a very thin but very durable textile layer. The Michelin Fiber Lite technology derives from Michelin’s tire making experience where the tire structure is partly made of fiber. These areas are recognized on the outsole as the embossed downward areas with a clear textile texture surface.

“The versatility in this shoe is incredible,” said Salming North American CEO David Field. “In my opinion there isn’t a better shoe on the market today for obstacle course racing, and certainly nothing in its class for swim run events. I expect the OT Comp will become the premiere shoe for athletes looking for a competitive edge in technical events like these.”

The rubber compound used in the OT Comp outsole is Michelins OCX – Extreme Outdoor Compound – that features an extreme adherence on wet slippery surfaces due to its special sticky compound. The Salming OT Comp upper construction has a lightweight mesh body allowing excellent water drainage and breathability. The side areas exposed to the wear and tear of rugged terrain has added RocShield reinforcement areas, protecting your foot and shoe.

Retails: $130.00 | Learn more at

Salming OT Comp shoe designed for swim-run events