Salt Fork Course Cleanup

OhioOutside would like to apologize to the staff at Salt Fork State Park, the visitors of the park and trail​ runners​ for a communication error on our part during the course sweep of the Salt Fork​ Spring​ Race course.

​On Monday afternoon it was brought to our attention​​ that portions of the Salt Fork ​t​rail​,​ ​used for our spring challenge,​ were missed in the sweep/clean-up post race. Two sweepers were sent out on the course in different directions at different times. Communication broke down as to who was ​sweeping​ sections of the course and a pile of signs​ ​(arrows) were left at an intersection, and numerous white flags were left on a portion of the bridle trail. By no means were these course materials left in the park intentionally.​ ​We believe in the pack it in, pack it out motto.

We drove ​to Salt Fork this morning ​to address what was left behind​.​ OhioOutside values our park systems, and we sincerely apologize for the oversight. Thank you to those who brought it to our attention. ​On our way out of the park today, we stopped by the park office to personally apologize.

“When I saw the pile of signs on the course it made my stomach turn. ​As ​a runner and mountain biker​,​ I ​​do not want to see​ race materials or trash left on ​any​ ​race ​course​ or park trail​. Being a race director​,​ I do not want to be associated with making these​ kinds of​ mistakes ​giving our events a careless reputation.​ Our local and state parks do an excellent job of maintaining awesome trails for us to use, and in the future we promise to do what it takes to keep this from happening again.​” said OhioOutside’s r​ace ​d​irector.

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