Salt Fork Spring Challenge Training Program

This training program is designed to help you prepare for the Salt Fork Spring Challenge. We suggest you are able to run 3 miles on back to back days without feeling too sore or exhausted. Please complete all runs at your own pace. We suggest keep them under 15 minutes per mile. The cut off time for the Spring Challenge is 3 hours. This is approximately a 17 minute per mile pace.

Before you attempt starting and committing to any running or trail running plan, it is a good idea to check in with your physician first especially if you are over the age of 40 and had the previous issues with health. If you have any concerns with this training plan please stop immediately and consult your doctor.


  • Sunday:  Recover from Saturdays Run with some nice rolling trails or roads.
  • Monday: Take the day off or do yoga, an easy walk or a bike ride.
  • Tuesday: Starting in week 4, hit the hills. Salt Fork has lots of hills and you need to be prepared for them. Try and run them, but walk them if you need to.
  • Wednesday: Midweek semi-long run. Just go out and run and have fun. Try and find a hill if you can or run with someone that will push you.
  • Thursday: Do an easy run to recover from the previous 2 days. Hike if you are super tired.
  • Friday: Rest up and stretch.
  • Saturday:
  • This is your big day. Go out and run, have fun and make it count. These runs need to be on trails. This will help build core musles and strengthen joints.

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