Slumberjack Emergency Cot Review

The Slumberjack Emergency Cot, your carry anywhere bed. Winter travel season is here! Spring and summer is marathon season, cycling season or whatever adventure you choose is just around the corner. Sometimes this includes sleeping on couches, floors or even worse yet, sharing a bed with a buddy that snores and has horrible gas. Yeah now we know how my wife feels, poor girl.

Use at Home

Never be without a bed! The lightweight ‘no-squeak’ aluminum frame and easy setup of the Slumberjack Emergency Cot will ensure that you will be prepared in any situation, even if that means an unexpected house guest. In most cases, it is small enough to fit between a bed and wall and more comfortable then the floor or bed. Easy to use? It will take longer to find it in the basement then it will to set up. Need a little extra room during the day? Fold down the cot during the day and set it back up in the evening, it is the simple and quick

.Slumberjack Emergency Cot

Use on the Road & at Hotels

3 people in a hotel, one king size bed or two full beds, no worries. Pop up the cot and you are all set. When not in use, it packs down small and slips into a nice little bag that won’t take up a ton of room it your truck or cargo box. In the bag it folds down to 8 x 8 x 29 inches so it is pretty compact for a bed.

Car Camping

Out in the field the use might be a little more limited. You are not packing it in, but for car camping in warmer seasons I can see it being of use. It come standard with rubber foot pads, but I would still be careful putting it in my $400 tent. Cooler seasons, I think I would want to have the luxury of a little ground insulation below me.

Easy to set up

Two or three minutes the Slumberjack Emergency Cot is set up and ready for some relaxation. Taking is down is even simpler. It is three pieces, and two of them look the same

Cuddle Free Zone

Guys, sorry but you won’t be able to cuddle with the significant other here. We feel you pain! The Emergency Cot (well all their cots) sleep only one person. You pair them up side by side but there is still going to be a 4 inch gap between them and with the design you are destined to end up in the middle of your own cot

Slumberjack Emergency Cot specs:

  • Weight Capacity: 325 lbs
  • Dimensions: 28 x 75 x 17 in
  • Product Weight: 16 lbs

Slumberjack Emergency Cot Details

  • ‘No-Squeak’ aluminum frame with steel reinforced end bars
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Ideal for emergency and disaster preparedness, overnight guests and campouts
  • Carry bag included for convenient transport and storage

Retails for $79.95 and pays for itself in a couple of hotel stays. For more information visit


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