Speedvagen Surprise Me. Beauty taken to a new level

[tps_header]Speedvagen introduces their latest initiative called Surprise Me! The ultimate experience to further stretch creative design, delivering a special paint scheme sight unseen to customers. You just need to have a little cash and confidence in one top frame  builders out there.

“If I was surprised with a new Speedvagen I surely wouldn’t be complaining, and yes Santa I have been a good boy this year.”

Speedvagen produces custom steel bicycles with a focus on attention to detail – all built in house. Unexpected color combinations, unique graphic treatments, and three-dimensional paint are iconic to Speedvagen. Pairing world class finish work with meticulously fabricated frames set these bikes apart from the pack.

Speedvagen Surprise Me | SpeedVagen Vanilla Workshop Bikes

“With our Surprise Me offering, we promise “No Hints, no regrets”. We’re known for our color work. Dating back to the early years, our customers have a lot of trust in our design sense. They provide a little direction and turn us loose, which is how to best harness our creativity and excitement.” says Sacha White, lead builder and owner of Speedvagen. “We took this one step further, giving people the option to pick a flavor and let us run with it.”

The order window for this year’s SM! Bikes closes on Dec 31st, at which point the design goes into the vault.[/tps_header]



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