SRAM Releases New eTap Shifting

eTap is an electronic system, just like Shimano’s Di2 or Campagnolo EPS and uses a wireless protocol. It takes electronics a step further, removing the wiring harnesses that both those groups rely on, and switching to an entirely wireless communication between the shifters and derailleurs. Each component in SRAM’s new system is self-contained, with its own battery and wireless transmitter. They just need to be bolted to the frame, synced together, adjusted, and you’re off.

SRAM-RED-eTap-ShifterThere is only one shift paddle per shifter. The left shifter paddle shifts the rear derailleur inboard, to an easier gear, while the right shifter shifts the derailleur outboard, to a harder gear. If both buttons are pressed at the same time, the front derailleur shifts.

Left, easier. Right, harder. Both, front shift. It’s that simple although it may take some time to get use to.

Below information is pulled from SRAM’s press release.

SRAM RED eTap Shift Levers

Our revised ERGOFIT controls seamlessly connect rider and machine with REACHADJUST™ to fi t any hand. Carbon ERGOBLADE levers and large SRAM eTap© paddles provide positive controls for rider input that make it virtually impossible to mistake an upshift for a downshift.

Weight: 260g per pair

SRAM-RED-eTap-RDSRAM RED eTap Rear Derailleur

The SRAM RED eTap rear derailleur executes shifts the moment you demand it, with military precision. Wirelessly. It’s easy to set up, clean in appearance and delightfully uncomplicated. Mechanical necessities such as a carbon pulley cage, ceramic pulley bearings, and high polished alloy artfully blend with proprietary electronic advancements to deliver a 239g* shifting wonder. *including battery

Maximum 28t cassette capacity

SRAM RED eTap Front Derailleur

SRAM-RED-eTap-FDSRAM YAW™ technology changed front shifting forever, eliminating the need for trim. The SRAM RED eTap Front Derailleur makes a good thing better by executing front shifts confidently and quickly over our proprietary wireless communication protocol. At 187g including battery, the SRAM RED eTap front derailleur maintains SRAM’s best-in-class weight title.

SRAM RED eTap Blips

SRAM RED eTap Blip satellite shifters allow you to shift when you want, where you want. Run up to two remote positions per side with limitless placement options. When mated with the aero bike specific BlipBox control module, your aero machine’s gearing is as forward leaning as the rest of bike.

* wires not shown

SRAM RED eTap Blipbox™

Aero riders can place Blips on both aero extensions and base bars for shifting in any position. This added capability saves precious seconds and off ers a true competitive advantage. For this type of handlebar setup SRAM developed the BlipBox to tie all of the Blips together and serve as a control module and wireless signal sending unit.


All of the underlying tech in our new SRAM RED eTap groupset such as wireless shifting, advanced battery power management and mechatronic technologies are all meant to serve one ultimate purpose, to facilitate the most intuitive and consistent shifting available. This shift logic is called eTap. Right lever makes it harder, left lever makes it easier, both levers shift the front derailleur. Simple, unmistakable, and intuitive.

Drop bars exist to give riders multiple hand positions. SRAM RED eTap Blips turn each of those positions into a location that can be shifted from. With two Blip ports available on each drop bar shifter, multiple positions can be connected without any additional hardware. Easily placed underneath bar tape with no need to cut the tape to expose the switch, Blips maintain the beautiful lines of your cherished ride.
Blips are available in lengths of 150mm: 6g, 230mm: 7g, 450mm: 8g, 650mm: 9g

SRAM RED eTap brake levers and derailleurs are compatible will all SRAM 22 cranksets, chainrings, chains, mechanical brakes, and cassettes with a max cog size of 28-teeth.

SRAM engineered intelligent, energy efficient wireless components. In addition to providing easy to understand LED power indication, sensors within each wireless component power up the component automatically when your ride starts, and enter sleep mode automatically at the end of your ride to extend available riding time between charges. Every component features LED power indication.

SRAM’s proprietary Yaw front derailleur cage rotates to maintain a consistent angular relationship with the chain for ideal shifting performance in every gear combination.

eTap batteries are literally a snap to remove and charge. Just flip the tool-free battery latch up and slide the battery up and out of the derailleur. Then snap the battery into the USB powered charger and connect the charger to any USB power source or A/C USB adaptor. A full charge takes only 45 minutes to complete.

DEVICES (PC, Mac, Garmin)Whether you are a Mac or PC user, SRAM RED eTap can communicate with your computer. Firmware updates are handled quickly and wirelessly using the USB stick included with complete aftermarket groupsets. We worked with Garmin throughout the development process to develop communication capability between eTap and Garmin GPS devices. Please contact Garmin for GPS model compatibility information.


Includes pair of Shift/Brake Levers, Front Derailleur with battery, Rear Derailleur with battery, GXP Crankset, GXP Team English Bottom Bracket, XG-1190 Cassette, RED 22 Chain, Brakeset, Battery Charger, USB Stick.

Inlcudes Blips x4, BlipBox, Front Derailleur with battery, Rear Derailleur with battery, GXP Crankset, GXP Team English Bottom Bracket, XG-1190 Cassette, RED 22 Chain, Brakeset, Battery Charger, USB Stick


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