Visiting Stowe Mountain Lodge

The Stowe Mountain Lodge, in Stowe, Vermont, is a luxury resort located in the beer capital of the northeast, and boasts an upscale experience with outdoor adventures for everyone. Along with a list of adventures that go on forever, the Stowe Mountain Lodge offers hundreds of beautifully furnished guest rooms and suites, and a variety of amenities. Guests will be able to find a room to fit their specific needs, and won’t be disappointed with comfort and luxury.

Stowe Mountain Lodge and All Its Luster

The alpine style of the lodge reflects something that guests would find in the Rocky Mountains, not a small Vermont town. The central green; filled with games, food trucks and families spending time together is bound to put a smile on anyone’s face. Four days are not quite enough for this summertime destination. Where to start when describing the Stowe Mountain Lodge is hard! Is it the feel of a western ski lodge when you enter the lobby or the heated pool with a bar and cafe just on the edge? Perhaps it’s the shopping right at your fingertips or maybe a spa day while the kids are in the adventure center.

Enjoy the Outdoor Green and Lodge at This Family-Friendly Luxury Resort

You’ll feel special in the lodge. Its two-story-high ceiling, native wood and stone architecture will blow you away when walking through the doors. The staff is top notch and super friendly. They are there to assist when you are looking for a local adventure, help you with your bags, bikes or whatever else you need. Don’t plan on taking your bike to your room though, the staff will check it for you.

Stowe Mountain Lodge

At night time, get ready to run, have fun and be a kid again. The Green is something special, especially on weekends, with food trucks, families playing games, music in the background all while looking up at the mountains. Leave your devices in the room and come out and enjoy. There is also a small bar off to the side that serves some amazing beers.

The grounds around the resort are immaculate!  During the summer, flowers line the walkways and add a beautiful splash of color to the wood, stone and mountainous backdrops.
Stowe Mountain Lodge from atop Mount Mansfield
The view from atop Mount Mansfield. There are three ways to get this view: Travel via Gondola almost to the top, travel the Mount Mansfield Toll Road or hike for hours on end.

Fine Dining and World Class Beer

If fine dining, amazing wines and world-class beer are your ticket, you are in the right place. At Solstice Restaurant, that’s exactly what you’re treated to, and we had the chance to try it firsthand. The ingredients are all local, exceptionally fresh and, in many cases, organic. Enjoy an ever‐changing menu of artisan‐inspired cuisine at the signature restaurant of Stowe Mountain Lodge. Pair this with beers from breweries such as The Alchemist and Hill Farmstead and you’re all set. Wine or cocktails more your style? Enjoy handcrafted cocktails or an extensive selection of wines by the glass or bottle. The Pantry, located near the green also offers beers to go and great wines such as Cakebread and Caymus.

Looking for something a little tamer and that you can afford to eat every night? Check out the Hourglass Lounge for more casual fare and craft beers, or Thursday through Sunday night hit up the food trucks located on the green. For breakfast pop into The Pantry for coffee, fancy little breakfast drinks and pastries.

Stowe Mountain Lodge Solstice Restaurant
At Solstice restaurant, the ingredients are all local when possible and in many cases organic. It is worth swinging by to enjoy an ever‐changing menu of artisan‐inspired foods.
World Class Beer at a Luxury Resort
Hill Farmstead Susan and Edward, The Alchemist Focal Banger and Heady Topper along with many more, all of these Beer Advocate and highly rated beers can be found here.
Enjoy morning coffee at The Beanery if you don’t make it in the room, or grab a cup and sit outside and enjoy the fresh air and amazing views.

Mountain Biking in Vermont

We referred to Stowe as the beer capital of Vermont, but there is an adventure to be had for everyone. Mountain biking was the choice this day as we ventured out with the gang from 4 Points Vermont Bike and Brewery Tours. Miles and miles of single track, flow, grueling climbs and downhills that will leave your hands cramping. Some of the trails are free, some are private and “pay-to-play,” but where ever you decide to head, it will be worth it.

Stowe Mountain Lodge Mountain Biking
Tight-rooted, and rocky single track is just down the road from flowing machine made trails. Pick your pleasure or mix it up and spend a few hours at each. Places like Cady Hill actually offer both.
Stowe Mountain Lodge Mountain Biking
Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or expert rider, there are trails for everyone in the area. There are even some relatively flat trails too.

The Long Trail and Waterfall Chasing

Take a break from the rowdiness of the pool and hide from the sun all in one adventure. Trails galore cover the mountains of Vermont. The world famous Long Trail is just down the road while numerous other trails adorn the mountains. The Long Trail runs within a half-mile of the Stowe Mountain Lodge and provides a rugged hiking experience as it climbs to Mount Mansfield to the south. Heading north isn’t really a picnic either. If you are not up to the rugged, rocky and steep Long Trail, there are plenty of trails in the area to choose from, anything from basic walking paths to dirt access roads, some even on the property.

Where there are mountains there are waterfalls.  Check in at the concierge desk and they’ll hook you up with maps and directions to the most popular falls or even something a little more secluded.

Long Trail Vermont
Photo was taken on a portion of the Long Trail outside of Stowe.
Vermont Water Falls
25 minutes away is Moss Glen falls, the water is clear and ice cold.

Treetop Adventures at Stowe Mountain Lodge

Treetop Adventures will test your skill and courage. Two courses featuring 68 obstacles, one designed for adults and one designed for kids ages 7 and up. The course is well-designed, providing a challenge, yet still allowing adventurers to build confidence and skill throughout the course, moving progressively on to higher and more challenging obstacles.

Adults and kids can test their skills and their courage on the the Tree Top Adventure. We’ll just say the second level of the adult course is um … HIGH!
Locked in? I better double and triple check this.

Horseback Riding at Lajoie Stables

Over the mountain and through the woods, you’ll find Lajoie Stables, a horse farm offering hour-long horseback riding trips around their property. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, the stables have rides that fit all needs. A fun experience for all.

Horseback Riding in Vermont
Dawn, Hannah and our guide headed back from our trip with Lajoie Stables.

Ziplining off of Mount Mansfield

Launching from near the top of Mount Mansfield, this ziplining tour is an adventure that you’ll never forget. As the longest and one of the fastest zip line tours in North America, it will thrill those who love the idea of soaring above the Vermont forest canopy! The first run is almost a mile long and rumor has it that people have hit speeds over 60 mph.

Stowe Mountain Resort Mount Mansfield Gondola Rides

Get on top of summer and Vermont’s greatest views the easy way – in the ever popular, and completely refurbished, Stowe Gondola SkyRide. From almost the top of Mt. Mansfield – Vermont’s highest mountain – you can access hiking trails, the Summit retail gift shop, and enjoy lunch at the Cliff House Restaurant.

We took the Gondola up to the top of the mountain and it provided some amazing views!
Stowe Mountain Lodge Gondola
Designed to be an access to activities on the other side of the road, the Over Easy gondola is quite the attraction for younger riders. Kids seem to think of it as a really big merry-go-round, best of all, it is not super crowded in the summer and they can ride it all day.

Stowe Mountain Lodge Heated Pool

The resort heats the pool 365 days a year and in the summer it is a favorite place to spend your day or relax at after an adventure. Power through a workout in the lap lane or relax in the hot tub and unwind and let kids be kids. At night relax by the fire ring near the pool.

Stowe Mountain Lodge Pool
The pool and the sun bathing area are large, power through a workout in the lap lane, or relax in the hot tub and unwind and let kids be kids.
Stowe Mountain Lodge Pool
Early bird gets the worm, or in this case, the entire pool to themselves.

Mountain Mansfield Toll Road

Zig and zag your way to the summit ridge of Mount Mansfield along the Historic Auto Toll Road, where stunning views of the resort, Lake Champlain and the Adirondack Mountains await you. Once on top head out for a 1.5-mile hike to the peak of Mount Mansfield, the tallest point in Vermont. Wear good shoes though, this is not a walk in the park.

Stowe Mountain Resort
Lots of little areas on the way up to pull over and enjoy the view. Looking down some of the ski runs almost makes you wish for snow.
Stowe Mountain Resort
A view looking down the Long Trail on Mount Mansfield. This is a rugged little hike and requires both your hands and feet in spots. In the background you can just catch a glimpse of the Stowe Mountain Lodge and Ski Resort.
Mount Mansfield and the Stowe Mountain Resort
Shadows from the clouds, yes that is how high you’ll climb. The views are spectacular and well worth the toll admission to drive the road.
Mount Mansfield and the Stowe Mountain Resort
Vegetation near the peak is very rare and fragile, strings (yes strings) are put in place to keep hikers on the right path. Some of the species are only found here and can not be found in the lower 48 states.

Stowe Mountain Lodge Rooms

Featuring full kitchens, enormous bathrooms, large walk-in showers, fireplaces and an office area, there isn’t a whole bunch more you could ask for. Why did we cover the rooms last? Well, technically we did spend more time everywhere else. Although unwinding at the end of the day with your feet kicked up was quite the treat.

Vermont Resort | Stowe Mountain Lodge
The main living quarters of our room featured a kitchenette with a dining area and a nice sized living room for relaxing in the evenings. Cool nights, you can crank on the fireplace and warm up. This particular unit had a bed that folded out for guests or kids.
Vermont Resort | Stowe Mountain Lodge
Beer, fruit and mustard, all the necessities of a good trip. The 3/4-size fridge is perfect for storing some breakfast foods, snacks and beverages. We preferred to eat breakfast and lunch in the room and enjoy dinners out.

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