Veyo Mittyz For Kids – Simple Mitten Designed for Warmth

A simple design for kids to keep their fingers warm, the Veyo Mittyz use a synthetic fleece material inside and out and a non-permeable material layered in the middle keeps the hands dry. The Mittyz are perfect for keeping your kids hands warm and comfortable on cold days where a lot of dexterity is not needed.

After a day of sled riding, tromping through the woods, ice skating and more the Mittyz never let us down. Even without a “thumb” they still allowed the kids to get a good grip on the sled handles and rope.  They are perfect to keep your hands warm and dry all day.

The thumbless design gives kids a kind of “paw” to work with. Motor skills required for things like gripping shovels are somewhat compromised but are perfect for building snowmen, sledding, hiking or snowboarding when you don’t need that extra grip from the thumb.

The Veyo Mittyz in action

The unique thumbless “mitten” come in sizes 12m to 4T, fitting kids six-months-old to about six years and in some cases adults. The 4T is not relevant to clothing sizes at all. Our daughter who is 5 wears a 6T and the mittens are a little big on her.  My wife can actually wear them as well. Even though then run a little big we won’t complain, we’ll just hope they fit next year.

We also love how easy it is to get the gloves on. In fact, she puts them on herself and we just tighten the wrist wrist strap to keep out any unwanted snow. No more searching for the aggravating individual finger placement that gloves require. The company has five kid-friendly designs, including penguin, butterfly, and “snow princess” motifs.

Mittyz Children’s Mittens For The Cold

Expedition mittens these are not. But they did keep our 5 year olds hands warm for several hours down to about 25 degrees. Other reports say say the Mittzy will work down to 15 degrees depending on a kid’s activity level and tolerance for cold.

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