Toad&Co. claim their clothes are perfect for the #trailtotavern experience, and while this is true, the Strahlhorn Quarter Zip Sweater would fit in just about anywhere. Tavern, light day on the trail, ski lodge or even a nice dinner with friends, Toad & Co have you covered. It even pairs with well a hazy NEIPA or a Napa cab, yep it is the versatile. Classic winter wear is back in the Strahlhorn Quarter Zip Sweater. But it does not stop with just the looks, this sweater performs like a champ on mountain hikes with a performance blend of sustainable 55% lambswool and 45% nylon, called Durawool and is eco-freindly. Naturally moisture-wicking and heat-regulating for peak performance. All the warmth, none of the itch. Retails: $139.00 |

Care Instructions: Turn garment inside out and soak in diluted, gentle detergent for 10-15 minutes. Rinse gently in cool water with gentle agitation, being careful not to wring sweater. Lay over towel ang gently press excess fluid out. Rebuild garment shape and allow to dry flat. DO NOT STEAM OR WASH IN HOT WATER – GARMENT WILL SHRINK


Toad&Co Strahlhorn Quarter Zip Sweater