Winter Boot Roundup

VIVO BAREFOOT Kula Winter-Proof Boot


Come out the victor through snow fights, sledge days, casual winter walks or a long hike in the Kula. Inspired by the Saami tribes of Northern Scandinavia, The Kula is designed to keep your feet warm in the harshest, coldest conditions, with a full thermal lining, natural beeswax coating and a removable thermal insole.

The ultra-thin, puncture-resistant 4.5mm sole, with our multi-terrain, concave tread sole, lets you keep your footing, grip the ground beneath and move as nature intended. Made with a natural beeswaxed coating on the organic canvas, and offering a removable full felt lining. Inside seams are watertight.

Barefoot runners and minimalist rejoice with the Vivobarefoot Kula. This boot accomplishes three things and does them well. It looks good, provides a minimalist design for individuals wanting to keep things simple, and it keeps you on track through the harshest of weather conditions. The “Arctic Boot” design here is warm, comfortable and won’t let you down when the snow gets deep or the air temperatures drop.

Retail: $200.00 •


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