Woodstock Inn and Resort Vermont

Old school elegance with a nice touch of modern luxury is the best way to describe the famous Woodstock Inn and Resort. It’s kind of like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. What appears to be a relaxed little resort in a quaint little Vermont town, is actually a gem waiting to be discovered. Once discovered, you’ll want to stay for a few more days. Maybe it is the super friendly staff, the plush rooms, the good food or all the activities and adventure to be had.

Nestled in the heart of Woodstock, Vermont, surrounded by 18th-century homes, this classic mansion has New England written all over it. Built in 1969 by Laurance Rockefeller, the Woodstock Inn boasts historic charm, and is the perfect weekend romantic get-away, or for some, an adventure waiting to happen. With skiing, mountain biking, hiking and so much more, the Green Mountains surround the town of Woodstock and have your name written all over them. And who says you can’t have a romantic weekend and be adventurous?

Woodstock Inn and Resort
Once walking through the front doors of the Woodstock Inn and Resort, you’ll know you are in for a treat.

Inside the Woodstock Inn & Resort

The outside boasts historic charm, as does the inside. But remember, historic charm doesn’t have to mean old. The Woodstock Inn and Resort just went through a two-year, $16.5 million renovation that is scheduled to be done this summer.

Woodstock Inn and Resort
This may be the only picture you see of an empty lobby. Most mornings it is filled with people enjoying coffee and reading the paper, while the rest of the day it is a great gathering point to meet up with friends, and even grab a drink from around the corner.
Woodstock Inn and Resort
The library has an old school feel, but still, it’s the perfect place to relax and read, gaze at the manicured grounds or even play Scrabble. The reclaimed wood paneling in the library adds a rustic and charming feel.

Dining at Red Rooster Restaurant

Very seldom when traveling do you visit a restaurant twice, especially in an area like Vermont that is in the middle of a farm-to-table renaissance. The Red Rooster serves farm-to-table fare using fresh produce, when available, from the resort’s 2.5-acre organic garden. The food here is top notch, the beer selection is small, but of quality and the extensive wine selection will leave you browsing for quite a while to find that perfect bottle.

Richardson’s Tavern offers a relaxed atmosphere that is family-friendly and invites good times among friends. The menu features upscale, flavor-driven, plates that pair nicely with a bar that features local craft brews and spirits. Dine al fresco on the porch in the warmer months or sink into the oversized lounge chairs fireside for a casual drink or meal.

Woodstock Inn Red Rooster
Woodstock Inn The Red Rooster

The Game Room

Usually, this would not get its own callout, but the game room is pretty sweet, pinball, pool, Scrabble, Pac-Man, shuffleboard and more. This is the place to go after dinner with the family, or maybe send the kids down while the adults enjoy a little quiet time. And, if the kids come up and ask for more quarters, tell them NO! Everything in the game room is free!

Woodstock Inn and Resort Game Room
If you are missing a kid or two, be sure to check the pinball games before the lost and found, as they seemed to be a crowd favorite. The game room also includes several other hits including pool, shuffleboard, Scrabble and Pac-Man.

Outside the Woodstock Inn & Resort

This luxury resort is home to Suicide Six Ski area, Suicide Six mountain bike park, a Robert Trent Jones-designed golf course, an award-winning spa and a 42,000-square-foot fitness complex, which offers workout classes, tennis, racquetball and volleyball courts, an indoor lap pool and a Nordic adventure center. In the summer, there’s fly fishing, the mountain bike park, a working farm, the New England School of Falconry and free bike rentals for cruising around town, while the winter brings snowshoeing to regional trails, cross-country skiing and the Suicide Six ski resort (free to guests on weekdays).

New England School of Falconry at the Woodstock Inn

Get Ready for one of the most incredible experiences. New England Falconry has partnered with the Woodstock Inn & Resort to provide an exciting new guest experience at the resort’s falconry center in Woodstock, Vermont. The experience treats guests with a wealth of knowledge of this ancient pastime and a hands-on encounter with these magnificent birds of prey.

New England Falconry at the Woodstock Inn & Resort
Meet Conrad. He was the center of attention for our hour-long flying session. 

Culinary Series and Gardens

Kelly Way Gardens is a farm-to-table program started from scratch, providing the Woodstock Inn & Resort with on-site holistic food straight from the ground. The grounds, the gardens and kitchens are amazing.

Who could ever imagine an old barn turned into a world-class cooking center. Don’t plan on stopping by on a whim, classes and dinners are booked well in advance with people traveling hours to check it out.
A view from the gardens looking down over the cooking center. In this 2.5 acre garden, organic foods are grown and used at The Red Rooster and The Barns at Kelly Way Gardens.

Suicide Six Mountain Bike Park

The Elemental Bike Park at Suicide Six is now open, but construction is still underway as more trails and features are added. Recognized as one of the oldest ski areas in the country, Suicide Six has a rich history. Opened in 1936, Suicide Six will now be a year-round destination, allowing families to experience Woodstock, Vermont, throughout the seasons.

The Elemental Bike Park offers guests and local residents a chance to hit a fun and fast series of downhill hill trails designed for the beginner to expert level riders. With three trails in place along with a pump track, Woodstock Inn & Resort guests can hit the trails for a day of fun. No bike? No problem, Nick Mahood and the gang at the bike park will set you up with bikes, helmets and any other protective gear you may need. Not staying at the Woodstock Inn & Resort? Not a problem, although the park is owned by them, you do not need to be a guest to ride. It is pay to play.

Visit on the weekends and ride the lift up, pop in during the week and you might be climbing a few hills, being so new there is only lift access on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. through October.

The Green Trails

The Elemental Bike Park currently has two levels of trails open, a blue and green level trail for riders. The green trail is designed for beginners, a relaxed and fun trail that still contains several sweeping berms that riders can use to work on their skills and bike handling.  The green trails do meet up with the blue trails at points, but nothing too technical and nothing committal.

The Blue Trails

The blue trails are what will appeal to a wide variety of riders, adding a bit more thrill. There is nothing committal on the trail, so riders who are just starting out can be confident when rolling along, that nothing too drastic is going to pop up. For more advanced riders, there are several fun jumps, flow sections, great berms and as we always like to say, if it is not challenging enough, go faster.

The Black Trails

Talking to Nick, the manager at the Elemental Bike Park at Suicide Six, a black Trail is in the works and should be ready in 2019. Road trip anyone?

Elemental Bike Park at Suicide Six offers lift service on weekends, pedal power on weekdays and the ability to rent a bike, gear and also offers training classes.
The trails still smell of freshness, or maybe it is the Vermont air. Either way, the fresh cut trails offer great grip, a fast feel and are a blast to ride.
Suicide Six Elemental Bike Park
Green and blue trails often share a same section of trail. This is important when placing so many runs close together, but it also gives you the ability to mix up a tad. Green versus blue, one run on each, slowest overall time buys the beer.
Suicide Six Elemental Bike Park
Next time, this is how we’re getting up the mountain! Although we aren’t sure about riding the little blue bikes back down!

The Future of the Elemental Bike Park at Suicide Six

Design plans include more runs, more challenging trails, a strider park for the youngest riders and a skills development area designed to develop confidence and technique. Additionally, advanced riders will find technical downhill-specific runs and flowing jump lines. Certified coaches, premium bike rentals, scenic chair rides, craft beer and farm-to-table fare will also be available for guests.

Beyond Suicide Six

In addition to the trails, riders are greeted with a number of picnic tables, yard games, and hammocks for visitors to enjoy. They also have craft beers and several food options available, making this a fun and friendly environment both on and off the trails. Suicide Six strives to be family-friendly even for those who don’t love mountain biking. The fun games and extensive activities outside of the trails mean that riders and non-riders alike will have something to hold their attention.

There is an existing trail network reaching more than 19 miles, including WAMBA and Green Mountain Trails, surrounding Suicide Six. These trails are available seven days a week. The nearby town of Woodstock has great cross-country riding options off of Mt. Peg just south of town for those looking to explore a bit more of what the region has to offer, and Mt. Tom sits just north of town with beautiful hiking trails into the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Park.


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